Bike Hire

bikesThere are many options for hiring a bike for the 2018 ride on 9th June. Here are some we recommend. For the benefit of everyone, please cover the saddle if you have a bare bottom!

You can find an interactive map of our start locations and main stations here.

London Bicycle Tour Company (LBTC)

NB – LBTC has moved. Watch this space for updated info.

London Bicycle Tour Company (LBTC) is offering bikes for the afternoon of the ride (Saturday 9 June 2018) for just £14 (including a WNBR seat cover which is yours to keep). They are also staying open until 7pm, so you have more time to return the bike. Bikes must be pre-booked and collected from their premises, which are 10-20 minutes by bike to the Central London start points. Tower Hill is easiest to find – along the river, cross the river, along the river. Please try to collect bikes early (from 11:00), in order to avoid a rush.

Terms of the hire for WNBR riders

This is our current understanding but you need to observe the terms of hire as presented by LBTC at the time of hire.

  1. Bike collection and return is from our hire centre: Nearest tube/rail is Waterloo. See to view directions from all the closest stations.
  2. Bike delivery is not available
  3. Bikes can be collected from 11am on Saturday 9th June 2018
  4. Bikes must be returned to LBTC by 7pm on Saturday 9th June 2018.
  5. The discount hire terms do not apply to specialty, tandem or road bikes; if you require one of these, phone or visit LBTC.
  6. The seat cover is provided as part of your booking and can be collected when you pick up the bicycle.

Notes on costs

Bike helmets, panniers, and lights are not included in the prices and will incur an additional charge. Locks, though, are included.

You must pay in advance by credit or debit card. This way LBTC are able to do two jobs at once: capture the hirer’s bank details for the deposit on the bicycle, and pay for the bike hire at the same time.

Collection and return point

London Bicycle Tour Company
1a Gabriels Wharf
56 Upper Ground

020 7928 6838

mail [at] londonbicycle [dot] com

A Map to the shop at Gabriel’s Wharf is available at here.

It’s easy to find us at Tower Hill from the London Bicycle Tour Company. You go left out the gates and follow that road to the end where you turn left onto the North-South Cycle Superhighway. Cross Blackfriars Bridge then there’s a sharp left down the ramp to the East-West Cycle Superhighway. At the bottom of the ramp you do a U turn so you’re going East and follow that until you get to the Tower of London – and we’re there on your left.

Booking hire bikes online

Go to the booking form and follow the instructions. NOTE: Bike delivery will not be available for the discount price – bikes must be collected from the shop. Advanced booking is required to guarantee bike availability.

TfL Cycle Hire

World-Naked-Bike-Ride-London(mirror)Another option is Transport for London’s Santander Cycles, sometimes still known as “Boris Bikes” after the mayor who introduced them. These are intended for short journeys, so please make sure that you understand the charges. You pay £2 for the access fee for up to 24 hours. The first 30 minutes of each journey during that day are free. If it is a longer journey, each extra period of up to 30 minutes costs another £2. So, if you have the bike for 3 hours, it will cost you £12 (£2 plus 5x£2). This is quite plausible, since the London ride assembles around 14:30 and finishes at about 17:30.

However, if you end a journey by docking your bike, then wait 5 minutes, you can start a new journey with 30 minutes free. In theory you could ride all day for £2 in short journeys with 5 minute breaks.  On WNBR, you might not want to be left behind waiting 5 minutes, but you should be able to do this at the rest break.

You may not be able to collect or return a bike at the nearest docking station, if it’s empty at the start and full at the end, so you need to allow for extra travelling time.

Other cycle hire options

The London Cycle Campaign (LCC) have a list of Cycle hire shops in Greater London. There are also some new “dockless” hire services where you can find a bike then leave it anywhere – all tracked by technology and accessed through an app on your phone.

Seat covers

vs170429-001If you are hiring or borrowing a bike, and you have a bare bum, you should cover the saddle. This will protect you from any dirt, as well as being polite to the next person who uses the bike. You can purchase a WNBR seat cover for £2 at the start points. You might alternatively use some of your clothes to make a temporary cover.

You could also buy yourself a comfortable gel saddle cover in advance. Cheap ones are available on eBay and in the pound shops – yes, this one cost £1!