The Collective

WNBR London is organised as a collective. It doesn’t have a leader or employees – only volunteers.  Anyone who has the time, energy and interest can join the organising team. Please contact us if you want more information about how you can help.



The WNBR London Collective is a non-profit, unincorporated association. It is a membership organisation, defined by its constitution. The constitution may be viewed here: Constitution and Rules of WNBR London 22 July 2017.

Meeting dates for 2020

Collective meetings will follow a pattern of the second Wednesday of the month at 19:30 at the Royal Festival Hall (unless otherwise agreed):

  • Wednesday 8/1/20 Meeting
  • Wednesday 12/2/20 Meeting
  • Wednesday 11/3/20 Meeting
  • Wednesday 8/4/20 Meeting
  • Wednesday 13/5/20 Meeting
  • Saturday 6/6/20 Test Ride
  • Wednesday 10/6/20 Meeting
  • Saturday 13/6/20 Ride
  • Sunday 21/6/20 Debrief and celebration

The Royal Festival Hall has seats and tables the public can use for free. It is on the South Bank, postcode SE1 8XX; nearest tubes are Waterloo or Embankment (across the river). The RFH has entrances on all four sides and six public floors, so here is how to find us. Outside the south-west side there is a walkway to the river, one floor up from ground level (with an outside lift). There is a very famous statue of Nelson Mandela. If you look in through the windows you should see an area with cafe-style tables and chairs, which is where we expect to be. We try to remember to have WNBR things out so it is easier to spot the meeting.  If you are in doubt, just ask “is this the bike ride meeting”?

Occasionally some or all of the RFH is closed for events. If so, we will gather outside the windows overlooking our usual area, near the statue of Mandela. We will then find another public area at one of the other Southbank venues.

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