Publicity & Promotion

We need everyone to spread the word! Here’s what you might be able to do:

  • Sign up on one of the Facebook Events then invite all your friends – and tell them to invite their friends!
  • Like and share all our FaceBook posts about the ride.
  • Retweet our messages about the ride on Twitter.
  • Print a poster and get it displayed in relevant places – like university notice boards, cycle shops, etc.
  • Carry some of our info cards – they are like business cards but tell people about the ride and its mission.
  • Set up some publicity events – like body painting, cycle maintenance, life drawing, social evenings, etc.
Carry some handout cards to give to spectators

You can open a pdf of our posters. These can be printed on any “A” sized paper, eg A4, A3 or A2 paper, using Acrobat Reader (a free download). Set the print option to “Fit” and it will adjust to your paper size.

WNBR London 2019 picture poster (preview)

WNBR London 2019 A2 Picture Poster (pdf)

WNBR 2019 Cartoon Poster A3 (pdf)

Also take a look at the Decorations page for various designs you can download and print up.