About the virus

Many people are asking us about the effect the Covid-19 pandemic will have on WNBR London – is the ride still on?

Obviously, WNBR London is most concerned for your health and safety.  We will continue to pay attention to evidence and advice right up to the ride. We will have contingency plans that cover a range of scenarios.

At this time we are still planning for the ride to go ahead. The core element of the protest is people riding their bikes on the streets of London at the same time as each other – something which happens every day with thousands of cyclists. When riding a bike there is relatively low risk of physical contact and contagion. It’s got to be  a lot safer than being on public transport, squeezed up against other travellers, holding onto the same things, pushing the same buttons, etc.

Unless there is a complete curfew in London, we believe the ride should go ahead in some form.  Some of the things which might change are:

  • gatherings and social activities that typically take place before and after the ride
  • routes, convergence and rest points
  • lingering at the finish

Provided you are feeling healthy on the day, come join us but cut out the handshakes and hugs!